Kristin Keliher

Kristin Keliher



Hello! My name Kristin, I am a Licensed Clinician Mental Health Clinician here at Born to Bend and I look forward to working together.

Finding space where you can be human and real and vulnerable can be an invaluable part of community care. When you welcome me as part of your story I take that honor to heart. Providing a space to support you as you explore your body-mind connection and its reaction to the world, is at the core of my practice. I aim to co-create opportunities for inner growth that lead you to discovering your true self so you can show up in the world as you envision.

Whether I am sitting with adults or children, it is important to me that you feel seen for the beauty you offer, while being heard when you tell your story and write your next chapter. I work with children of all ages and adults moving through transitions, grief, developmental milestones and life changes. I have over a decade working with children, families and parents in schools as a school counselor. I specialize in working with teens that are struggling to find their identity and leadership skills in this world.  

I look forward to working with you! To schedule please give us a call at (828) 407-0355 or email at

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